Why Bluetooth Audio Devices Are Not Supported By The Ps4

bluetooth audio devices are not supported by the ps4

The PS4 doesn’t support Bluetooth audio devices because, when it was designed, the main focus was on gaming features, and Bluetooth was primarily used for connecting controllers.  The technical challenges of managing Bluetooth for audio, like different audio formats and potential delays, weren’t the main priority at that time.  Sony decided to prioritize using Bluetooth … Read more

Will A Text Message Say Delivered If Blocked?

Will A Text Message Say Delivered If Blocked

No, if a text message is blocked, it won’t show as “Delivered.” When you block someone, it restricts them from receiving your messages. The “Delivered” status indicates that the message has reached the recipient’s device.  However, in the case of a blocked contact, this confirmation is not displayed. Blocking essentially prevents the message from reaching … Read more

Can You Receive Calls In Airplane Mode? Discover the Truth

Can You Receive Calls In Airplane Mode

No, in airplane mode, your device’s wireless communication features, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, are turned off or disabled. As a result, you cannot receive calls or use these communication functions while in airplane mode. However, airplane mode is often used during flights to prevent interference with the airplane’s systems, but it also makes sure … Read more

What Does The Video Call Icon Mean On Messenger? 

What Does The Video Call Icon Mean On Messenger

The video call icon on Messenger signifies the availability and functionality of video calling within the app. When the video call icon appears next to a contact’s name or in a chat window, it indicates that you can initiate a video call with that person.  By tapping the icon, you can engage in a real-time, … Read more

Does Airplane Mode Stop Calls? Exploring Airplane Mode

Does Airplane Mode Stop Calls

Yes, Airplane Mode stops calls. Airplane Mode effectively stops incoming and outgoing calls on your mobile device. When activated, it disconnects your phone from the cellular network, rendering it unable to send or receive calls. This feature is primarily designed for use during flights to prevent interference with aircraft communication systems. While in Airplane Mode, … Read more