Toshiba Tv Screen Goes Black But Sound Still Works! Troubleshooting Guide

In the realm of home entertainment, Toshiba has been a trusted name for decades, known for delivering quality products that seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. However, like any electronic device, it may encounter issues over time, leading to moments of frustration for users. 

One common problem that users might encounter is the TV screen going black while the sound continues to function normally.

So, When the screen of your Toshiba TV turns black but the sound continues to function, there may be problems with the power supply, internal components, or HDMI connections. Examine and clean your HDMI cables, turn off and back on your TV, and make sure you have a straight power source without surge protectors.

Also, Examine interior boards for loose cables or malfunctioning components if the issue continues. It could be a good idea to get expert help if you feel uncomfortable taking these measures.

Reasons Behind a Toshiba TV with Sound But No Picture

Reasons Behind a Toshiba TV with Sound But No Picture
  • Faulty HDMI Connections:
    • A damaged HDMI cable with a break or a damaged HDMI port with broken pins can disrupt the video signal while allowing sound to pass.
    • Poor HDMI connections, where the cable and connector do not make proper contact, may lead to a loss of video.
  • Power Cycling and Resetting:
    • Electronic glitches or temporary malfunctions within the TV’s internal components may result in a situation where power cycling or resetting becomes necessary to restore normal functionality.
  • Issues with Surge Protectors:
    • A faulty surge protector or smart plug can impede the consistent flow of power to the TV, causing disruptions in the video display while sound continues to function.
  • LED Backlight Failure:
    • The most common cause, accounting for over 60% of cases, is a failure in the LED backlight system. This failure can occur in the inverter or the LED strips themselves.
    • LED backlights may fail due to repeated current overpowering, leading to thermal degradation of the LEDs over time.
  • T-Con, Main Board, and Power Board Problems:
    • Failure in the Timing Control (T-Con) board, responsible for driving the TV panel and synchronizing pixel rows, can result in a black screen with sound.
    • Issues with the main board, where HDMI and other connectors are plugged, may disrupt the translation of input signals into video output.
    • Power board failures or disruptions can impact the backlights, leading to a loss of video.
  • External Factors:
    • Dust, grime, or oxidation on cable connectors, including LVDS cables linking the T-Con, power board, and main board, can obstruct the signal flow, affecting the video output.

How to Fix a Toshiba TV With Sound But No Picture

  • Verify HDMI Connections:
    • Remove all HDMI and other cables, leaving only the power cable connected.
    • Clean the cable contacts and connectors with compressed air or a gentle blow.
    • Firmly re-insert the cables into their respective slots.
    • If the issue persists, try a different HDMI input and ensure proper cable functionality.
  • Reset Your Toshiba TV:
    • Turn off and unplug your TV.
    • Hold down the physical power button for at least 15 seconds.
    • Wait for 2 minutes to drain residual power.
    • Plug in and turn on your TV, observing a blinking red light upon success.
  • Check for Faulty Surge Protector:
    • Unplug your TV and remove any surge protectors.
    • Test the power socket with a working device.
    • Inspect the power cable for knots or kinks.
    • Confirm a solid red light on your TV when powered on.
  • Inspect for LED Backlight Failure:
    • Conduct a flashlight test to check for faint images on the screen.
    • If faint images are visible, consider replacing LED backlights.
    • For edge-lit TVs, inspect the LED strips for issues.
  • Examine T-Con, Main Board & Power Board:
    • Verify cable connections and clean them.
    • Use a multimeter to check the power board for voltage abnormalities.
    • If the backlight is working, focus on T-Con and main board troubleshooting.
  • Replace Backlights:
    • Disconnect nearby wires and remove the TV bezel.
    • Check LED strips with a multimeter or backlight tester.
    • Replace failed backlights or fix connector issues.

Disable Power Saver Mode: If the power saver mode is active, the screen may go black during inactivity. Disable this mode through the TV menu under power settings.

Turn Off Sleep Timer: A set sleep timer can cause the TV to shut down. Disable the sleep timer through the TV menu to prevent automatic shutdown.

Professional Help Desk

Professional Help Desk of toshiba

Contact Toshiba Support:

  • If your TV is under warranty, contact Toshiba customer support.
  • Call 1-888-407-0396 for assistance.
  • Explore potential discounts on future models even if warranty coverage is unavailable.

Remember, opening your TV can be hazardous; seek professional assistance if unsure. Utilize this guide systematically to identify and resolve the issue affecting your Toshiba TV. For a visual walkthrough,  check this 


1. Why does my LED TV screen go black but sound still works?

If your LED TV screen goes black while the sound still works, it could be due to issues with the input source. Check external devices, like cable boxes or gaming consoles, to ensure they are on and functioning correctly.

2. How do I fix a black screen on my Toshiba TV?

To fix a black screen on your Toshiba TV, unplug it and wait for 60 seconds before plugging it back in. Patience is key during this process. This simple power cycle can often resolve the issue.

3. Can a Toshiba TV be repaired?

Yes, Toshiba TVs can be repaired. Under the Toshiba Limited Warranty, defective TV products or parts are eligible for repair or replacement with new or factory-refurbished components.

4. How do I reset a Toshiba TV?

To reset a Toshiba TV, press the HOME button, navigate to the user interface, and unplug the TV from the wall. Cycle through the sources and replace connection cables if needed.

5. How do I fix no picture on my TV but sound?

If your TV has no picture but sound, try pressing the HOME button, unplugging the TV, cycling through sources, and replacing connection cables between the TV and connected devices.

6. Can you fix a TV with a black screen?

Yes, a TV with a black screen, known as the Black Screen of Death, can often be fixed by restarting the TV or resetting it to factory settings. This addresses issues like hardware or software glitches.

7. Why does my Toshiba screen go blank?

The Toshiba screen may go blank due to a broken display, corrupted graphics driver, or LCD display backlight problems. To test the display, connect an external monitor and restart the computer.

8. Why is my TV picture so black?

Check the Light Sensor on your TV; if it’s not working correctly, your TV may appear darker than usual. The sensor measures ambient light and adjusts brightness accordingly.

9. Why is my TV on but all black?

Loose connections may cause your TV to be on but display a black screen. Ensure all cables connecting your TV to other devices are properly connected and not loose.

10. Can you fix a damaged TV screen?

Yes, A cracked TV screen can be repaired or replaced by trained professionals. Due to its intensity, a cracked screen needs assessment by a technician for appropriate resolution.

Final Words

In conclusion, when facing the issue of a Toshiba TV screen going black while the sound continues to function, a systematic troubleshooting approach is crucial. From checking HDMI connections to power cycling and examining internal boards, these steps help identify potential causes. 

Moreover, whether it’s a loose cable, faulty HDMI connection, or internal board malfunction, addressing the issue requires a combination of careful inspection and, in some cases, technical expertise. Seeking professional assistance is recommended if uncertainties persist or if the troubleshooting steps prove challenging.