Will A Text Message Say Delivered If Blocked?

No, if a text message is blocked, it won’t show as “Delivered.” When you block someone, it restricts them from receiving your messages. The “Delivered” status indicates that the message has reached the recipient’s device. 

However, in the case of a blocked contact, this confirmation is not displayed. Blocking essentially prevents the message from reaching the intended person, and as a result, the “Delivered” status remains absent. It’s a privacy feature that ensures blocked individuals do not receive any notifications or confirmations, maintaining a clear boundary between the blocker and the blocked party.

What Do Text Message Status Indicators Mean?

What Do Text Message Status Indicators Mean

Text message status indicators are like little signals that tell you what’s happening with your messages—kind of like a delivery tracker for your texts. They show you if your message has been sent or if it’s made its way to the other person’s phone, giving you a peek into the behind-the-scenes of your texting adventures.

Text Message Status Indicators

Text message status indicators are visual cues that convey information about the delivery and status of a message. These indicators, often found in messaging apps, include various stages like “Sent,” “Delivered,” and “Read/Seen.” Each status serves a distinct purpose in keeping users informed about the progress of their messages, providing insights into the communication process.

Different apps may have variations in the indicators, but they generally aim to offer users a real-time understanding of their messages’ journey from the sender to the recipient.

Delivered’ Status

The ‘Delivered’ status is a pivotal point in the lifecycle of a text message. It signifies that the message has successfully arrived on the recipient’s device. 

However, it doesn’t confirm whether the recipient has opened or read the message. Instead, it assures the sender that their message has reached the intended destination and is now accessible to the recipient.

This status is particularly useful for users to track the progress of their messages, offering a sense of assurance that their communication has reached the next stage of the recipient’s inbox.

Significance of Message Status in Communication

Message status plays a vital role in shaping communication dynamics. The ‘Delivered’ status, in particular, holds significance in several aspects. 

Firstly, it provides transparency, allowing users to know when their message has reached the recipient’s device. This transparency is especially vital in time-sensitive or critical communications, offering reassurance to the sender.

Secondly, understanding these statuses contributes to communication etiquette. Users can gauge the responsiveness of their contacts, making informed decisions on whether to follow up, rephrase, or engage in further communication based on the message’s status.

How Do Messaging Apps Handle Blocked Messages?

Popular Messaging Apps’ Behavior

Messaging apps vary in their approach to handling blocked messages, reflecting diverse user needs and platform functionalities.

Messaging AppKey Features of Blocking
WhatsAppBlocks messages, last seen, and profile updates. Messages appear sent but are never delivered.
Facebook MessengerRestricts messaging, online status, and profile access. Blocked messages go to a separate folder.
iMessageSilently filters messages, removes delivery and read receipts. Discreet blocking experience.
TelegramBlocks sending messages, hides them from the main chat list.
SnapchatBlocks sending snaps and viewing stories. Blocked messages are not delivered.
LINEPrevents messages, calls, and timeline updates. Messages to blocked contacts are not delivered.
Instagram DirectBlocks messages and online status. Moves blocked messages to a separate folder.

Differences in Handling Blocked Messages

Message Visibility

Some apps hide blocked messages entirely, ensuring the recipient is unaware of any communication attempts. Others may store blocked messages in a separate folder, allowing users to review them at their discretion.

Notification Handling

The way notifications are managed varies. Some apps may mute notifications for blocked messages, preventing disruptions. Others may display notifications without revealing message content.

Status Updates

Apps differ in how they handle status updates for blocked contacts. Some maintain a lack of visibility into your status changes, while others may still allow certain updates to be visible.

User Experiences and Expectations:

Privacy Concerns

Users often prioritize blocking for privacy reasons. They expect that blocked contacts won’t have access to their updates, messages, or online status, ensuring a sense of control over their digital interactions.

Discretion and Confidentiality

Messaging apps aim to provide discreet blocking experiences. Users expect that their decision to block someone is confidential, and blocked contacts won’t be alerted or notified about the blocking action.

Access to Blocked Messages

Users generally anticipate that blocked messages won’t reach them or be easily accessible. Apps that effectively manage blocked messages contribute to a seamless and secure user experience, aligning with user expectations of privacy and control.

What Are The Signs That Your Texts Might Be Blocked?

If you suspect that your texts might be blocked, there are several signs that could indicate this situation. Keep in mind that these signs are not definitive proof, as there could be other reasons for these behaviors. However, here are some common signs that your texts might be blocked

  • No “Delivered” or “Read” Status: You don’t see the usual “Delivered” or “Read” status on your messages. This is a common sign that your messages are not reaching the recipient.
  • No Response: The most straightforward sign is a lack of response. If you consistently receive no replies to your messages and there’s no explanation for the silence, it could be an indication of being blocked.
  • Calls Go Straight to Voicemail: If your calls consistently go straight to voicemail without ringing, it might suggest that you’re blocked.
  • Profile Changes: In messaging apps where profile updates are visible, such as WhatsApp, if you can’t see changes like last seen status or profile pictures, it might be a sign that you’ve been blocked.
  • Changes in Online Status: If you can’t see the online status of the person in messaging apps that provide this feature, it could be an indicator of blocking.
  • Unusual Behavior on Social Media: If the person used to be active on social media, a sudden decrease in activity or a lack of interaction with your posts might suggest they are avoiding you.
  • Error Messages: Some messaging apps may display error messages when messages can’t be delivered. If you consistently see error messages, it could be a sign of blocking.


What message do you receive when blocked?

When blocked, you usually won’t receive a specific message. Your texts may go unanswered, and you might notice changes in the delivery status.

How to know if you’re blocked?

If your messages go unanswered, and there’s a sudden lack of activity from the other person, you might be blocked. However, keep in mind it’s not always the case.

Do texts say delivered if blocked on Android?

No, on Android, if you’re blocked, your texts won’t show as delivered. The ‘Delivered’ notification is a good sign that your message reached the recipient.

How do I know if I’m blocked on Android?

Look for clues like unreturned messages, no online presence, or a sudden drop in interaction. Android users won’t see the ‘Delivered’ status if blocked.

How do you contact a person who has blocked you?

Respect their decision. If needed, find alternative communication channels. Pressuring them may not be the best approach.

When a text says delivered?

A ‘Delivered’ status means your message reached the recipient’s device. It doesn’t guarantee they’ve read it, but it made it to their inbox.

Am I blocked if my text doesn’t say delivered?

Not necessarily. Technical issues or poor connectivity can also affect delivery status. Check for other signs before jumping to conclusions.

Why does it say delivered when blocked?

The ‘Delivered’ status doesn’t differentiate between read and blocked. It means your message reached the device but doesn’t ensure it was opened.

Why is a text message sent but not delivered?

Technical glitches, network issues, or the recipient’s phone being off can cause this. It’s not always an indication of being blocked.

Why does my text say delivered when blocked on Android?

The ‘Delivered’ status is a technical acknowledgment that your message reached the device. It doesn’t confirm if it was actually seen due to blocking or other reasons.

Final words

In conclusion, when a text message says “Delivered,” it generally means it has reached the recipient’s device. However, if you suspect your messages are being blocked, the absence of this status might be an indication. Keep in mind that different messaging apps handle blocking differently, and some may not provide clear indicators. 

If you’re uncertain about your messages’ status, it’s advisable to communicate openly with the recipient or explore the specific features of the messaging app you’re using. Understanding these dynamics can help you navigate your digital interactions more effectively.