What Does B Mean On Automatic Gearbox? 

what does b mean on automatic gearbox

“B” on an automatic gearbox stands for “engine braking” or “low gear.” When you shift to “B,” the transmission holds the gears longer, providing more engine braking on downhill slopes.  It’s useful for controlling speed without using the brakes excessively. Unlike “Drive” (D), which prioritizes fuel efficiency and smoother driving, “B” enhances engine braking, particularly … Read more

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Can I Tow an Automatic Car Safely? 

can i tow automatic car

When towing an automatic car, safety measures are crucial to prevent damage. Consulting the owner’s manual for manufacturer-specific towing guidelines is essential. Two safe towing methods include flatbed towing, placing the entire car on a trailer, and using a tow dolly, which lifts either the front or rear wheels off the ground. Flatbed towing is … Read more

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How Many Bugatti Veyrons Were Made? The Production Number and Rarity

How Many Bugatti Veyrons Were Made

A total of 450 Bugatti Veyron was produced between 2005 and 2015, including various special editions and models. The Bugatti Veyron is iconic in the automotive world, representing the pinnacle of performance, engineering excellence, and luxury. Introduced in the mid-2000s, it quickly became a symbol of automotive achievement and a dream car for enthusiasts worldwide.  … Read more